Sunday, May 17, 2009

It Is Well

We are in southern California visiting my dad right now....and Ernie and I have just returned home from church. There is a Bible teaching Body of believers close by that has been an oasis to me each time I visit here. They especially ministered to me during my mother's illness and death as I desperately needed to be around believers. They had no idea they ministered to me....because I spoke to no one, but minister they did!!

Today, as we were worshipping, I became overwhelmed with love for my God...for His provisions and His love and His desire to bring restoration to those of us who desperately need to be restored. I was overcome with emotion because not only was I worshipping my amazing God with my husband actually sitting next to me, but I was experiencing a miracle.

One year ago my little brother (well, he is not so little at 44!!) attempted suicide--twice--and was far away from God. His life was a mess and he knew it. He hit bottom and bottom was hard and painful and dark. Today he sat next to me and worshipped. He is being restored. He is no longer at the bottom....he is being recued.

As I sat there, I kept thinking and praying for you all who have children like my brother. They are far from God and your heart is breaking. I shared with you earlier this week how you moms who are battling satan for the very lives of your children are heavy on my heart and I knew I had to encourage you once again this week. God is continually at work behind the scenes. We must trust Him. I never would have thought I would see my baby brother seeking God and I confess my faith is weak....BUT be encouraged, my friend, God is in the restoration process. Watch Him work!!!

We sang softly "It Is Well With My Soul" ....and I wept again. There were many times I could not sing those words because nothing was well with my soul....but I worshipped before the throne of my God and heard the voice of my brother and reflected on how He has restored us both....I could say without hesitation....IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL!!

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Tara said...

Praise God Dana! That is awesome . . .