Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Missions

I was so excited to learn in my first days as a college freshman that I could do summer missions. I had grown up in GAs and had always adored and admired missionaries in any form. Now, I was going to have the opportunity to be one. The opportunity totally changed my life. 

That first summer I ended up in the spot I would eventually transfer colleges to keep. God led me to work with the middle school students at First Baptist Church, Clarksville, Tennessee. I fell in love with these students, their families and this church. I grew in so many ways that, in a way, I felt like I no longer "fit" in my old place back at college my sophomore year. I wanted to do more than just attend class, BSU meetings and sorority socials. So, when God called me back to Clarksville and then prompted me to transfer to Austin Peay State U to stay with this church, I knew that was where He wanted me to be.

Ultimately, that is where I met my husband. God used the dear family I was living with to shape me in so many ways, we named our first born daughter after them. I got so much firsthand knowledge about church work, that God really grew my love for His bride. And He used His bride to do it!

Do you have a summer missionary story yourself? Have you seen God do amazing things for and through a summer missionary that you know? Has God placed a young person near you this summer for a purpose? Please share your summer mission experiences and prayer requests .  . . God does amazing things for and through those who are willing to follow Him in obedience- even through temporary, short-term summer mission assignments!

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