Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Writing Your Life Story

I believe God was smiling on May 30, 2009 was our oldest son married the love of his life. Although it was a hot and humid south Louisiana day, God provided a little shade and a cool, gentle breeze to blow across the garden pond. Friends and family from across the country joined in the celebration of Stephen and Robyn’s new beginning. My youngest son, Bryan, served as best man and was the perfect gentleman. My handsome husband amazingly made it through the ceremony without his voice faltering with emotion. Personally, I was smiling from ear to ear because I was gaining a daughter not loosing a son. Yes, God was smiling as this young couple began to write their life story together.

Everyday each of us adds a page to our own life story. Our story began at our birth. Each chapter is filled with memories that are special. Some of the chapters in our story bring tears of joy or sorrow while others produce laughter that make your sides hurt.

Several chapters in my story have taught me lessons. There is the chapter of how God revealed Himself to me as a young mother in my backyard. I truly did not know my eternal fate. Instead of closing the book, I chose to add a few more lines and settled my salvation need.
There are many chapters on raising children and giving them the freedom to grow as individuals. Of course, my story would not be complete without the many ministry joys and frustrations which all led to a teachable moment.

My life story is not finished. God is still writing it. I love to glance back at the chapters prior to now and remember special times. I love to read and savor a good book but there are times when I want to know the ending. Although I live in this present time, I often wonder how the end of my life story will read. Will it be a tear jerker, a lesson teacher, provide a smile, or allow the reader to laugh with joy?

So I ask you my fellow sisters, what is your life story?

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