Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blessing Four-What about You?

This week God has led me to write about my staff wives. By now you should know I love them dearly and what a blessing they are to me. Now it is your turn.

Do you have a staff wife you serve with who is a blessing to you? Perhaps you admire your fellow staff wife for what she does at church or in the community. If so, tell her. If you are the lone staff wife perhaps there is a staff wife either in your community, association, or state that has been an example for you in some way. Perhaps, your example is from when you were a little girl. No matter whom the person is or where they are now take time to bless them.

Our blog site is a great place to post a comment of encouragement or blessing for another staff wife. You don’t have to use names because God already knows who they. Won’t you take a moment to leave a blessing for someone in your life?

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