Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love is in the Air . . .

Ladies, I am as big of a romantic sap as the next lady. I cry at the same spots in those romantic comedies every time I see them. I am all about date nights and little romantic gestures. I read and re-read, watch and re-watch all Jane Austin novels and movies. I think that Eros love is really something special, I do.

BUT! Is it just me, or are the Valentine's Day commercials just a little too much this year? The are so sappy I feel like I need to go brush my teeth every time one comes on. A diamond necklace or a box of chocolates or dozens of roses are not the true signs of a significant love life. Bless me, but I don't think any of those things can even adequately symbolize that kind of relationship.

The truth is, the only thing that can is the cross. I know you know the difference between our temporary, Valentine "love" versus the love of Christ. You know the Bible is one big love letter to us that God is completing in and through our lives everyday.

I just want to remind you to keep things in perspective.

First, don't make your husband a god and worship him. He makes a lousy god, no matter how wonderfully romantic he is. He can't meet your needs. He wasn't designed to. Only God can complete you. Be careful not to put unrealistic expectations upon your groom.

Second, use this holiday to celebrate the gift God has given you through your marriage. Celebrate God when you celebrate the love you share with your man. Thank God for bringing you and keeping you together.

Finally, especially with Valentine's Day falling on a Sunday this year, (I am sure that happens every-so-often, but I have no memory of it!) take some time to celebrate the one who is love. Don't let this world and our culture cheapen this love, His love. We celebrate a fantasy and fairy tale and often fail to acknowledge the real, eternal love that should put everything else into perspective.

Take a moment and post a praise prayer to God in response to His love for you. Below, you find mine . . .

Dear God,
Thank you for my husband.
Thank you for putting me with him.
Thank you that the deep love we share, is just a poor reflection of the enduring love you have for me.
Thank you for Jesus who demonstrated the greatest love of all through His death for me.
Thank you for your love letter, the Bible. Please forgive me for taking it for granted.
Forgive me for not telling you more often that I do love you.

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