Monday, March 22, 2010

Lulu's Cafe

A few weeks ago my husband took me to a great used bookstore here in Nashville. The minute I walked in I knew I was in big trouble because I love to read. The first words from my mouth were, “Oh my! This is like heaven.” My husband promptly reminded me that we only had about thirty minutes before we had to be somewhere else.

Needless to say, I made a mad dash through the store. I found the classic section then discovered a whole section for literary anthologies! Yes, girlfriends, I am somewhat of a nerd when it comes to books and if I had had some chocolate, I could have camped out in the store for a week. Instead, I decided I better use my few reminding minutes scanning the rest of the store. I finally decided to glance through the inspirational books selection and I see what treasures I could find.

Oh did I ever discover a jewel of a book! What caught my eye was the title Desperate Pastor’s Wives. It is from the Secrets from Lulu’s Café series by Ginger Kolbaba and Christy Scannell. Now we have all heard of the Desperate Housewives from television; however, I have not seen it. However, I wonder just what secrets these pastor’s wives reveal in the book.

Simply stated four pastor’s wives who live in the fishbowl of a small town escape to the safe haven of Lulu’s Café to just unload their burdens and encourage one another in their journey. Throughout the book there are tears and laughter. I even found myself relating to a couple of the wives and wishing I could go to Lulu’s Café where no one knew who I was.

Girlfriends, I think each of us face situations where we just wish we could escape the chaos and run to a Lulu’s. We are all in some ways just like the characters of this book. We struggle with insecurity, fear, worry, failures, convictions, an array of emotions, and sometimes in our faith. Often we have to paste a smile on our face and hide what really is going on inside us.

Well girlfriends, not this week. I think we need to run to Lulu’s and share our burdens with one another. Stay tuned because I am asking God to speak through me to you in specific ways. I hope you will pray for me too because I plan to share a couple of things that I share in common with the characters from the book. Since we cannot have a piece of Lulu’s delicious homemade pies, run get you a bag of M & Ms and your bible and let’s discover what God has in store for us.

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