Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Their Shoes

Approximately two years ago we moved to a wonderful church near Indianapolis and this Titans fan has found herself in the midst of massive Colts fans! As I mentioned in my last post…each area has their own set of "rules”, traditions, and vocabularies and even after being here nearly two years, I still am learning them!!
  • We have “pitch-ins” in Indiana—in Texas and Tennessee they were called “pot luck”.
  • My husband is no longer “Brother” Ernie (except to those who are from the South) he is “Pastor” Ernie. In fact, all staff members are referred to as Pastors….which indeed they are!! By the way….for future reference….whenever I use the word “pastor” or “pastor’s wife” it includes NOT just “senior pastor” but all ministers.
  • “Pop” or “soda” means Coke or soft drink. In my case, it means Dr. Pepper!
  • Their bridal and baby showers last several hours with games….not drop-in. I learned that the hard way as I arrived VERY late and had to leave early!!
  • Every graduating senior has an open house.

You might be wondering why in the world I am bringing all of this up!! There is a beautiful, helpful, practical ministry needed to help those who move into our towns or churches. Often we expect people to know the “rules” and the traditions and the terminology that our town and churches have.

Think about it….what is the name you have for your Senior Adult ministry? Singles ministry? Youth? Most churches give different ministries names that are catchy and clever but when there are announcements with those titles, do all the people know what they are referring to?

Put yourself in the shoes of an outsider and see how you could better communicate ministries that are available. Better yet, take someone under your wing and “show them the ropes“! We all may know that the “Joys of Christmas” is an event for women....but do the new people know this? We all know that Acteens are for teenage girls to learn about missions….but does everyone?

When you go to church Sunday….take a look around…..look at the surroundings of your building….look at the wording in your bulletin…..signs….words used in Sunday School and see it fresh and anew and see if perhaps you have rules, traditions and vocabulary that might be confusing.

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Pat said...

Great point!! I'm having some of the same issues and we only moved an hour away. I think this calls for a committee!!