Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Don't Wanna Go Back!

Sorry about no "hard returns" in this post...I am stranded in the Kansas City Airport due to stormy weather in my destination city, Dallas. Who knows how long I will be I people watch! Where are they going? Why does she just stare? Lord, do You want to use me here in Kansas City? No one seems to want to talk!! Everyone is connected to some device with wires!! Wires in ears, wires plugged into sockets, invisible wires...and ALL faces (except that one gir who is staring) are fixed, immovable, eyes directed and immovable on their devices. Ha! I guess mine are too now since I am writing this!! Who here is connected to God? He requires no wires no batteries that must be recharged, no hardware or software or screen to be seen or heard. We do need a connection to God though.....Jesus!! Glory! So.....since no one wants to talk.....I'll pray for them!! Anyway...back to my "girl trip" I mentioned in last post....I adored those years in high school! I was accepted, loved, busy. It was fun, crazy and daring. It was during those years I first heard who Jesus was and that a Christian was not simply someone who was born in America! Even though there were also many trials and challenges and personal struggles I loved that season of my life. All of that said, I'd NEVER want to go back!! Oh, sometimes I delude myself into thinking how great it would be and maybe I'd make different/better choices which might take me to a completely different "place" than I am now. I am so very thankful for my life....for my children and their children. a few hours (Lord willing and the plane can fly!!) I will be with my high school friends but I won't "go back!!" Egypt always looks better in the wilderness!! Don't be tempted to "go back"!! God is sovereign!! His plans are accomplished!!

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