Friday, June 15, 2012

Jesus Calling

These last few weeks I felt like Jesus was calling me.

Not a calling to "do" anything, but He was calling me. Not some big, drastic project to be passionate about, but He has been gently, intently calling me.

My Bible reading each morning had been from the book of John. It had been awhile since I was focused on studying the life of Christ and God had been faithful to show me new insights and applications for my everyday life. Each day in my prayer journal I wrote a new one. Yet, Jesus had been still calling me, calling me for something more.

As a gift to the graduating high school seniors, our church had given each one a special leather bound copy of Sarah Young's Jesus Calling, a devotional written as if Jesus had writen the words Himself.

When we were, as a committee were deciding the gift for this year, honestly, I was skeptical. I mean isn't it kinda presumptuous to put words in the mouth of Christ? But everyone else on the committee was for it and I trust these people because I know their faithful walks with Jesus. So, I went a long but made sure to pick up my own copy to start reading once I had finished with John.

The devotions are short, very short. They are based on scripture, both from the Old and New Testaments. There might be places where Young takes some liberties in her writing, but I have literally devoured the scripture references that close each day's reading. Those passages are full of meaning and have not failed to speak to my heart as I read each day.

In the meantime, my husband, Wally, and I are praying through some tough decisions. "Things" continue to happen at church. Piper, my three year-old, is still not potty trained. I have become my nine year-old, Riley's, taxi cab driver. Life has continued.

All the while, Jesus was and is calling me.

Not to look around me. Not to worry. Not to come up with answers.

Jesus just wants me.

As He has called me He has reminded me of His promises. He has reminded me that I have made Him Savior AND Lord of this life.

He's got the details.

I am my Beloved and He is mine!

What is Jesus calling you to right now?

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