Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Girl Trip!!

I graduated from High School in Dallas, Texas (which seems like just yesterday, by the way!!) and I have a group of girlfriends that I LOVE to get together with!!

Whenever I would come to Dallas, (most of them still live in the Dallas area and I am the only one who moved far away) we would all get together in one of their homes and we would have all of our babies and preschool children in tow. During that “season” of life, it was difficult to carry on conversations since someone was always being pulled away to stop a fight, take someone potty, clean up spills or change a diaper. After all….between the seven of us there are 21 children….so that is a lot of chaos and not much visiting, encouraging, praying, etc.
It was the year we all turned 30 that we decided that it simply was just not feasible/possible to have meaningful conversations with 21 children around and determined that we would take a much needed “girl trip” once a year (sometimes it has even been twice a year!!) without children or husbands!!

These trips have been so refreshing, encouraging, enlightening, entertaining, and fun! I am the only one who is a minister’s wife. None of them go to our church since I live a zillion miles away. All of them knew me before I was a Christian, much less a pastor’s wife. None of them care that I am a pastor’s wife. They all know me and love me as Dana. The one who dated Alan Walne, was on the drill team, and who was always falling down!!
I leave tomorrow for our yearly trip and I am so super excited. I desperately need these girls right now. We will share, cry, laugh, pray, eat and shop. We will reminisce about who dated who and who kissed who. We will tell the same stories that we have told for years. We will stay up late at night and drink coffee in our jammies in the morning. It will seem like we are in high school again!!

Do you have a friend or group of friends who are not associated with your church? Do you have a group of girls who you can “let your hair down” with? Who know you and love you regardless of what you do or do not do?
Do you need a "girl trip"? Why don't you find some girls and make it happen??!!

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Pat said...

Great idea!! Trying to work one up with my "girl-friends". Thanks for the reminder!! ENJOY!!