Thursday, June 21, 2012


We have been at our current church, going on 16 years, so we have watched folks come and go.  We've witnessed babies being born and the death of our folks.  However, even though we are barely half way through 2012...we have experienced some very dramatic things already this year, especially considering we are a small church.
  • one of our members committed suscide, leaving a husband and son.
  • a leader was arrested for domestic violence.
  • a lady discovered her husband had been having an affair for two years and claims he loves them both.
  • a deacon is going through a nasty divorce.
  • two Sunday School teachers just up and quit.
It is easy to minister to a church when things are going good.  It is harder to minister during trying times, but that is when "they" need us the most.

I think our church is just an example of where the world is going....there is a major bread-down in the family.  If you look at my list above, ALL of the situations stem from SIN and most of them are centered around a break-down in the family.  We need to pray for each other like we have never prayed before.

The CHURCH will never be any stronger than the FAMILY.  The NATION will never be any strong than the CHURCH.  When satan can break the family, he has won the victory.

Are you also witnessing similar situations?

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