Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Answered Prayers

Okay, Ladies.....am I the only one that finds myself "shocked" when a prayer is answered?  I know.........we're "Pastor's Wives" so we are suppose to be "experts" about "spiritual things...."

I mean.....I pray and pray about things.  I pray, believing God will answer them.  I put my trust in God and  turn it all over to Him.  BUT.....when He DOES answer my prayers, it knocks the socks right off me.

Don't get me wrong.....I see God's hand in EVERYTHING every day.  I also see how God is working and how he is answering prayers all around.  I am forever saying...."God is Good....all the time" and Praising God for answering prayers.

However....when I am PERSONALLY burdened about something and I pray and pray and pray.............why am I still SHOCKED when God finally answers my prayers in His perfect timing?

Roger and I have been praying and praying about a personal burden for over a year  Yesterday, we got word that God had answered our PRAYERS. 
  •  We cried.....
  • We laughed....
  • We shouted.......
  • We danced.....
  • We praised God!!!! 
But.....I found myself in utter disbelieve that God had finally answered our prayers.  I mean......I did and do believe it......but I was in SHOCK.  AN AWESOME SHOCK!!

That is my human flaw or weakness.  That is the "doubting Thomas" in me.  I know He answers prayers and I witness Him answering my prayers day in and day out.......BUT....I am still amazed.

We serve an Awesome God and He Answers ALL of our Prayers;  not always the WAY we want them answered and not always the MOMENT we want them answered....

But He ALWAYS answered them according to HIS will and in HIS timing.


Please remember my friend, Angie in your prayers today.  Her dad passed away suddenly Friday afternoon of an apparent heart attack and the burial will be today.

Also, pray for another friend, Glenda, who will be welcoming her new grandson into the world today.


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