Monday, February 11, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

It seems as if every time I post, I am busy, busy, busy.  Does that tell you anything about my life?  It does is time to SLOW DOWN.

This is a busy week because I am planning a Valentine's Party for our Church Children on Wednesday night and I am planning for our annual Valentine Banquet for Saturday night, where Roger and I do it ALL...including the purchasing, decorating, cooking and serving for our entire church.  On top of that, Roger is out of town this week until Thursday.  Whewwwwww.

I think I will take a DEEP breath....before I drown.

Actually I am going to have to start following the example of my husband.  He is a full-time pastor (Bi-Vocational) AND he has a full-time secular job as a computer programer.  His secular job calls him all hours of the night, etc. (and we ALL know that Pastors get called 24-7.) 

First....let me explain.  For several years gets worse as time goes on, Roger's secular job does not like for him to take his vacation.  When he does, they ask that he take his work computer and work phone with him, so in reality, he is never on a complete vacation from his secular job.

Last week during his annual review, he told his manager that she would see some big changes in him this next year.  She said, "Great!....but what do you mean?"  He told her that he planned to take ALL of his vacation and when he was on vacation, he was on vacation, which meant he was no longer taking the computer or work phone.  She told him that was good and that he needed to.  Then, she remined him that he would be out of town this week and she said, I really need you to go to Columbia next week through Wednesday.  He said, "Did you forget?  I am on vacation from Wednesday to the end of the weekend?"  She said, "Yes, but I really need you......"  He told her he was sorry, but he was on vacation and he had already been approved.  She told him he was right and she got someone else to go to Columbia.

Sometimes, whether it is our secular jobs or our church work, people will take advantage of us if we allow it and they may not even realize what they are doing.  In the process, NO ONE gets hurt except US.  We need to take time for US. 

Although this is a BUSY week for us, so it doesn't appear that I am slowing down....I really am trying most of the time.  I am slowing working towards "letting go" of responsibility and taking some much needed time for myself.  I am learning to say "no".  I would like to challenge you to do the same.  We can STILL be "spiritual" and we can STILL "be in God's Will" without being over-loaded.  In fact, I think we are MUCH BETTER CHRISTIANS when we are NOT on OVER-LOAD.

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