Friday, January 17, 2014

Ministry Assistants

Thirty nine years married.  Thirty nine years in the ministry.  Five churches served.  Ministry assistants made it possible!!   I am so very grateful for the fabulous ladies, and young man, who over the years have supported my husband, loved our family, and served the Lord behind the scenes in ways no one ever knew about.

Ministry Assistants—sometimes known as church secretaries, or work wife (I really, really dislike that title for many reasons), or, perhaps in your situation—YOU! 

Some churches have paid ministry assistants—and we have been so super blessed to have always served in churches that did….but not all do.  Perhaps you serve a church where your husband takes care of all of the office work, or maybe even you do it!!  Yikes!  I am in awe of you right now!!

Lana Rose at the TBC serves ministry wives in so many beautiful, encouraging ways and I am grateful for her love for us.  She also does the same thing for ministry assistants!!  Let me encourage you to encourage the ministry assistants you know (especially if you are a ministry assistant!!) to go to this link and sign up for the conference just for ministry assistants!!  You will be glad you did!!

Father, I lift up the many people who serve You faithfully as ministry assistants.  Pour out Your Power and love and peace upon them now.  May they know how loved they are!  Enable them to continue to serve You faithfully....encourage them today!  In Jesus' name....amen!!

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