Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A New Staff Wife

I am so excited that our church has a new staff wife….and she is our daughter!!! God is amazing, surprising, and full of grace and of mercy!! Our church called Josh, our son-in-law, to serve alongside the rest of the staff and the Church to further the Kingdom of God. Can you believe it???

We spent a lot of time in prayer before we even considered approaching the church with the idea. After all, we have a great relationship….why mess it up by working together??? My husband and Josh have always gotten along beautifully. Their strengths and weaknesses complement each other (which means they are quite different) and my daughter and I are very close.

God has led in every decision along the way....and here we are. They have moved in and now live just a few miles from us!! We have never lived in the same town where our grown children live and this is a whole new experience for us. I have shared with you all before that we never lived close to our parents when our children were growing up and how exciting it is for us to be living close to our grandchildren!! What fun it is to be at church and hear “MIMI” as loud as can be, look up and see a three-year-old and a 19 month old running will all smiles straight toward me!!

Girls, you know working together in a church certainly has the potential to mess things up and we are sensitive to the fact that the enemy wants nothing more than to destroy what God has blessed. I am curious….do any of you or have any of you served alongside family? Any advice? Suggestions? Wise council?

We are indeed blessed…..

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Shelly said...

My husband (as pastor) serves alongside his brother (head deacon) and father (Sunday school teacher and elder) and mother (Sunday school teacher). It was a huge decision to take this church. God gave peace and blessing in this decision though. This sounds like a very godly family. They all love the Lord and serve Him but have sins too. Forgiveness is huge. Being family, we all see each others junk more easily. I've had to pray that since I can't do anything about someone's sins (I'm the in-law), I've had to pray for God to. And he has! Wow amazingly at times. I've had to relax and quit being critical and let God handle some things. All in all it's been a blessing. With each generation in my husband's family God's fire seems to be doubled and tripled. Also, my kids get to be with their grandmother and grandfather at church (both sets actually)It's sweet. I failed to say that my side of the family is a part also. So it's doubly interesting. Oneday I'll look back and see that these are the best of times. Now...I sometimes I wonder what others say-probably some say that we're in control of the church. I just remember in scripture how families came to Jesus together and served together. I think He thinks it beautiful.