Thursday, April 9, 2009

Resurrection Power

Tomorrow is ‘Good Friday’ and Resurrection day is just around the corner….let me encourage you to spend some time pondering and reflecting on the purpose and the power of the cross. In fact, what have you done this week to get ready for Resurrection day?? Shopping? Filling Easter baskets? Making grocery lists? Preparing for your church’s Easter egg hunt? Rehearsing Sunday’s music presentation? Deciding what everyone in your family will wear? Determining what to teach in Sunday School? I must confess that much of my time this week has NOT been reflecting on the crucifixion and resurrection and I am broken over it.

This morning as my husband and I were lying in bed he asked me, “How does the resurrection affect you personally?” A very heavy question for someone who has just woken up and whose eyes were still closed and a bit crusty….but I managed to say, “I have the same power available to me that raised Jesus from the dead.” That is truly amazing!! The same power that raised Christ from the dead is available to me too? Yes! Philippians 3:10 says we can “…know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised Him from the dead…”

What does that mean?
That means we have power over fear.
Power over disappointment and discouragement.
Power over strongholds.
Power over death.
Power over anger and bitterness.
Power over the enemy.
Power over oppression and depression.
Resurrection power!

My husband then shared with me that after Jesus’ resurrection He went looking for His disciples. He pursued them. He had much to tell them. It was not over! It is not done!! There is more!! Ladies, He continues to pursue His disciples. He continues to tell us “There is more! This is not over! I am not done yet!” How exciting is that!! Get up! Go to ‘Galilee’ and see all that Jesus has in store for you!! Power! Lots of it!!

Resurrection power……take hold of it. Take advantage of it. Do something only God can do and see His power at work!! He is pursuing you. He wants to have breakfast with you!! (John 21)

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