Friday, February 18, 2011

Friendship and Chocolate

As you all know I am a huge fan of chocolate. I also find it essential to have a few girlfriends around to make life more interesting. Well girlfriends, I am so excited to announce that the Tennessee Baptist Convention is sponsoring two wonderful retreats this year for ministers wives. Currently, I am serving on both planning teams for these retreats so you know there will be lots of chocolate involved. Oh don't worry. There will be a spiritual aspect as well. Let me share some details with you and tell you how you can register for one of the retreats.

Theme for both retreats: Friendship and Chocolate-The Rich Things in Life

West Tennessee Retreat Date & Location: May 13-14; Natchez Trace State Park, 1-800-250-8616 (Mention TN Baptist Convention for our block of rooms. Block will be released after April 1.) Room cost is $70 + tax (if paying with church check or church credit card is exempt).
You must make your own room reservation by contacting Natchez Trace State Park. You can have a single room or split the cost with a friend.

East Tennessee Retreat Date & Location: September 9-10; Carson Springs Conference Center, 1-877-704-6336 (Mention Ministers Wives Retreat). Room cost is $72 and you have a single room or share the room with a friend. Again, you must contact Carson Springs to reserve your room.

The cost of the retreat is $50. To register for the retreat or find out more information, go to You can also contact Lana Rose at or call 1-800-558-2090, ext. 2008; or Carrie Smith at; 1-800-558-2090, ext. 2025.

At the retreat you will have time to fellowship ministers wives from across the state. Personally, I had a blast last fall at Carson Springs. My fellow staff wives, who are also my girlfriends, did the girl road trip. We had our snacks, sodas, and our giggle boxes. When it was time for bed (yeah right) we talked and laughed until the wee hours. The most heartwarming thing to me was that all the ministers wives attending were just normal ladies. There were no panty hose or pantsuits. However, there was plenty of laughter and stress free time. I loved it!

So girlfriends, I hope you will make a point to mark one (or both) of these dates on your calendar. Arrange for childcare. Yes, fathers can handle the kids for one night. That's what they make McDonald's or pizza delivery for. Call your girlfriends and join the fun. If you are in need of a girlfriend, what better place to make a friend than at a retreat on Friendship and Chocolate.


Jennifer said...

I would love to come, but I am nursing a baby who won't take a bottle. At. All. Would that be an issue?

Lana said...

As long as you take him/her out when he/she cries, no problem.