Friday, February 11, 2011

Outrageous Love 2

So I am continuing my outrageous love suggestions. This time I am going to share things I have done for my children and for our family in general.

I have three sons which makes Valentine Day a little different. As the boys grew, they thought they were too cool for all that hearts and flowers stuff! It did not deter me in the least.

My sons were included in the breakfast in bed routine as soon as they were old enough. I always included a Bible verse with the word heart in it on their trays. (That was not hard to do as there are over 700 verses with heart in it)

I packed their lunches and put heart shaped sandwiches, fresh strawberries, red juice and of course chocolate hearts. I always put a card in their lunch, usually home-made with some things I was proud of them about in it.

I put cards in each school book for each class.

I put hearts in their gym bag with verse.

When they were driving I surprised them with many different decorations in car through the years.

Dinner time was my favorite. This was the time of day that I could scream "Outrageous Love" to each of my family members. The dining room was always decorated in 'over the top' ways. Different every year, from crepe paper, balloons, hearts, pictures, cards and lots of heart verses. We used crystal, silver and china. Menu: Heart shaped meatloaf (with initial on individual meatloaf in ketsup)or heart shaped chicken breast, etc., pink mash potatoes, strawberry bread, sliced strawberries in shape of hearts, pink milk ( Nestlie Quick), cards, bible verses, fresh flowers, and of course various pink desserts - Ice cream, whipped cream - pink, cherries, heart shaped cookies,etc.

Ok, so now you are thinking I am crazy. Yes, crazy in love with my God and my family. It is my day to say I love you more than you will ever know. Through the years my sons and husband got use to the treatment, but never bored with it. Many times I heard my husband (if it was a Sunday,it became a sermon illustration) or sons sharing my craziness with their friends. Of course, they sounded like they were saying I was crazy, but I heard love and security in their voices.

Our God's love is really unexplainable. The world doesn't understand it or even believe it, but it does not stop Him from giving us flowers, trees, oceans, rivers, blue skies, snow, mountains, animals and Himself! Share that "outrageous love" this Valentines Day!

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