Friday, March 14, 2014

Busy Time

Whewwww.............not only have I been busy with "grandbabies"...our church has been very busy too Being Bi-Vocational just really means that you are the ONLY husband and wife on staff so EVERYTHING falls on your shoulder.

I also mentioned about the death last week of our oldest member's son. Last night, we had to get someone to fill in or the Bible Study and my pre-school class because another member's mother passed away suddenly Saturday and they asked Roger to preach her funeral. (The funeral was 2 hours from us.)

Also, we are at the completition of a building program at church, where we are expanding my pre-school class and including a bathroom; building a larger nursery and adding Roger an office and a new classroom.

I also have a niece and a cousin in Alabama that are expecting babies a month apart and I am helping give them Baby Showers.

It's just a busy time of year. Lots of things going on. With the exception of the is all good; just busy.

Please pray that I don't get so BUSY doing the "THINGS" that I forget to slow down for my own personal quiet time with God.

I love you and will see you in 4 weeks. Again, I am sorry I missed blogging last week....and thank you Tonya for sharing this week with me.

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