Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lonely Life Without Christ

I blogged in December about our oldest church member who at the age of 99 lost her son to cancer; Well, last week, her last son passed away of a massive heart attack; Now, she has buried a husband and all four children. Her 53 year old grandson currently lives with her. Please keep her in your prayers..........her heart is absolutely broken. She is sharp as a tack but her hearing is very limited.

Her son was the community “booger man”. He lived a very rough life, which included clubbing, drinking, rooster righting, etc. He had talked with my husband after his brother died in December…….he said he accepted Christ as his Saviour when he was younger, but had been running since. He promised that he was going to get back in church….etc.

He was a prime example of “living for the world.” At any given time, he was surrounded by tons of friends and buddies. HOWEVER..not one of those friends and buddies showed up for his memorial service.

They were not friends; they were users.

After witnessing that, I am sure there were many times while he was alive that he realized he was alone. Living a life without Christ, (or even running from Christ) is a very lonely life.

Please continue to pray for his mother, Mrs. Mahalia and the rest of the family. The man's youngest son showed up before the service in shackles and with a police escort. He was not allowed to stay for the service and will probably be sent to prison for a few years. He was picked up and taken in the day his dad died. No one had visited him at the jail. He told us that he had not seen anyone because everyone he knew; friends and family, had all been arrested in the past year so they could not visit him. How sad is that?

It was a very sad service. If nothing else, I plan to share this story of the man left “alone” with every unchurched person I know. It may not help, but it couldn’t hurt.

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