Thursday, March 27, 2014


The calendar says it is spring, but where we live….it sure doesn’t look like spring or feel like spring.  I am not seeing many signs of growth or buds or the slightest hint that flowers and trees will be blossoming any time soon.  Who decides when spring is anyway?  I should Google that!!

Even though on the surface there is no visual proof that much is happening….there is much going on under the ground and in the roots and stems and trunks of trees and plants.  Much work is taking place that we cannot see in order to prepare each plant for the fragrance and beauty and fruit that will soon be evident for all to see and to taste and enjoy.

I got to thinking about all of this….and realized that just as God, as the great Gardener (John 15:1), is at work behind the scenes in plants and trees to produce much growth and fruit in due season, He is doing the same things in people’s lives as well!

Perhaps, like me, you look around at your families and wonder….is there any spiritual growth?  Are my children growing in their love and knowledge and desire for God?  At times we wonder if there is any spiritual growth happening in our church or our Bible study group or our Sunday school class….because maybe we just are not seeing any evidence of it.

But….let’s not get discouraged!  His word does not return void.  Conceivably He is at work behind the scenes developing strong root systems that many times we cannot see.  He is preparing us and them for much fruit that John 15 talks about.  In that passage He mentions that He will cut off those branches that do not bear fruit and will prune the branches that bear fruit so that they will bear more fruit and when we remain in Him we will bear much fruit!!  I don’t want to settle for having no fruit or even some fruit or more fruit….I want much fruit and that often times takes God working behind the scenes accomplishing much that we cannot see.

Be encouraged and bear much fruit!  Before we know it….the pruning season will be upon us….and sometimes that hurts!!  But….let’s not forget….it is done so that we will bear much fruit!!

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