Thursday, August 28, 2014


Tara just blogged for a week about change…. It got me to thinking.

Normally, I do not like change….and here I sit in the mist of lots of changes.

• Our son and daughter no longer live with us
• Our daughter-in-law is starting back to school
• Our grandson is talking more and more
• Our granddaughter is sitting up and getting more alert everyday

• I have a new group of students at school
• The weather is already changing
• The season will soon be changing.

• Common Core is being pushed in the classroom
• RTI is being implemented everywhere
• I no longer have 1st Period Planning
• We have a new principal
• We have a new football coach

Me….the person that does not normally like change is right in the middle of lots of changes. (And this is just naming a few of those changes.)

But, to grow, you must change.

Change is not always bad….many times change is wonderful and necessary. With growth, comes change.

Even in our spiritual life….change is good. With change comes growth.

Don’t get in a rut……welcome change. Continue to grow and change daily.

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