Monday, August 4, 2014

Running the Race

Recently, I was reading one of the many ministers’ wives Facebook pages I subscribe to.  One sight in particular reaches out to ladies come from different denominations.  However, it is always so interesting to see that all ministers’ wives face the same struggles.

On one certain day a post caught my eye.  One sweet sister posted she was through with her church.  The congregation was “mean-spirited” and did not support the staff in particular her husband.  She had also been verbally attacked many times by the ladies of the church.  Her last statement broke my heart.  She wanted her church to die.

Girls, this story just broke my heart.  We all have experiences that are unpleasant.  Let’s face it.  Church people can be mean and I dare say not one of us is part of a perfect church.  I know I have been treated unfairly and attacked many times over our thirty plus years in the ministry and it never quits hurting.  Yet I have never walked away from God’s bride or our calling.

There are days when I get so discouraged by the lack of true Christian love in the body of Christ.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are wonderful people in all our churches, but if we are honest, there are those among the body of Christ who aim their fiery darts at our hearts and wound us deeply.  

In regards to this hurting sister, God would not allow me not to respond.  I simply encouraged her to place her focus on the Lord and not on Satan’s schemes.  Satan wants her and her husband to be sidetracked from doing God’s ministry.  If she chooses to walk away, she not only allow the naysayers to win but she will harm her husband’s ministry too.  Trust me, Satan will applaud every time a ministry fails.

Sisters, I encourage you to keep fighting the fight and running the race because God’s calling is the best prize.


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