Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Real Life Happens in the Ministry Too

I just returned from having lunch with one of my daughter-in-laws and one of her friends who just happens to be a pastor’s life.  I have made another big discovery.  God created chocolate so pastors’ wives can deal with preacher’s kids (PKs).

Today, as we were eating at Chick-fil-a and laughing, another young mom approached the young pastor’s wife at my table and said, “I believe your son may be naked in the playground.”  Well, of course I just died laughing which was probably not appropriate at the moment.  The poor young pastor’s wife just got that mortified look in her eyes and darted to the playground area.  There she found her two and half year old son stripped to his birthday suit.  As she began redressing and lecturing him on staying clothed, her son proudly announced, “I still have my socks on.”

By now I am doubled over in giggles.  First we are in a restaurant (Christian at that) and second the naked child on the playground is a PK.  I don’t know but the scene just made perfect sense to me.

Life happens in the ministry.  Sometimes life is quite messy.  A wayward teen becomes involved with the wrong crowd.  A ministry couple struggles in their marriage.  You name it.  It just gets messy.  Ministry can also be quite comical.  The pastor gets tongue tied and instead of saying he is taking “blood pressure medicine” announces the doctor put him on “birth control pills.”  (Yep, this really happened).  Perhaps the music minister is singing one song and the pianist is playing another.  Of course, sometimes PKs just stripped to their birthday suits at Chick-fil-a.

The important thing to remember real life happens in the ministry just like it happens to your congregation. 




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