Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's Just Stuff

Over the last two and half years my brother and I have dealt with two sick parents, who have both passed away.  Dad left us in May to join Mom in heaven.  In mid July my brother and I held an estate sale at our parent’s home.  It was a difficult weekend for the both of us but we learned some important lessons.

*If you don’t move for over 50 plus years, you gather a lot of stuff.

*You never discard a book of a person from the Depression era because you never know what might be tucked inside it.

*There is no need to keep every scrap of paper, church bulletin, Cool Whip bowl or plastic butter container.

*Never put scraps of wood and metal in the attic.

My list could go on and on but I will not burden you with it. 

My brother and I would open boxes, closets, and drawers and be amazed that the “stuff” our Depression era parents kept.  They could reuse old Ziplock bags and tin foil better that anyone I can imagine.

However, one lesson my brother and I did learn during the estate sell that will stick with us always,  When we looked around the house, garage, and patio at the accumulated items, we shook our heads and said, “It’s just stuff.” 

What we took away from our childhood home were the memories.  We were raised by godly parents who saw the importance of having us in church.  Many parents today allow their children to choose if they want to be in church.  No, if your children are under eighteen and live in your house, you should make church a priority. 

Our parents instilled us a work ethic.  If you want to purchase an item, save for it.  Today too many people buy what they want when they want it and get deeper in debt.  Today many children believe they need it all now.  Teach your children to be proud of working and earning material possessions.

Last, our parents taught us that loving people is the greatest gift you can give to someone.  Bake a cake for a hurting friend.  Visit with your neighbors.  Show kindness to random strangers.  Why, because you may be the only Jesus they see.

In the end, our houses will be full of “stuff.”  However, what will your children remember most?  Will they be able to look around the house and say “It’s just stuff?”




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