Saturday, August 23, 2014

Unexpected Change


I believe that this is the last time I will blog about it . . . unless I change my mind!

I'm guilty of praying for things that I honestly don't think will ever change. I know I need more faith.

I confess that after praying for years for a family's member's salvation or a friend's health issue, I lose faith that God will answer my prayers. It is hard to keep praying and praying for something that doesn't seem to be happening.

Since I am confessing, I will also be honest to tell you that sometimes the likelihood that things will change keep me from even asking God to intervene. That person just seems too caught up in her sin or, self-righteously I judge him because I don't think he is worthy of the change that he needs.

So I don't pray for God to change things because I limit Him in my mind own mind. Again, I know I need more faith. I pray for that too.

Yet, He does change things. He intervenes in circumstances all the time. He heals people. He mends broken hearts. He restores marriages. He grows us.

He made me new and continually works within me, making me into the image of Christ. He changes me.

We serve a God who intentionally uses change. If we didn't believe He was and is a God of change than where would we be today?

I would definitely not be writing this blog.

So, if you have no expectations of God changing things, then maybe you need to spend a little time alone with Him, asking Him for more faith. Whether or not we expect Him to, He is all about change.

Dear Sister, please join me in praying persistently. Let us not give up in how we approach the Throne of Grace, with expectant prayers. Our God is the God of Change.

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