Thursday, August 21, 2014

Expect Change


There's that word again.

I bet, in your church, it is met with sighs and groans and the rolling of eyes. Crossed arms and shaking heads are immediate responses whether the subject is worship style or carpet color.

God designed each of us to long for and need stability. He created us with a desire for consistency, predictability and assurance. However, He placed us in a fallen world that is constantly changing.

We see the negative effects of sin causing change all around us. The world isn't as safe as it used to be. My daughter attends a school on our street, but I wouldn't dare let her walk home alone. I've heard too many sad, sick stories . . .

There are positive changes happening too. It is the order of the world, the way God planned it, for the weather to change day-by-day, for the crops to grow and be harvested, for children to mature and get older . . .

Yet, whether change is "good" or "bad" in our opinion or by Biblical standards, it will always be a part of our lives until Jesus comes or calls us home.

I believe I fight change because of a lack of faith on my part. Change reminds me that I need to seek the One who never changes to be the all I need. Change drives me back to Him, the Almighty who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Change, if I let it will reaffirm where my hope and security lie.

I know God put my desire, for time to stand still and enjoy this moment, so I will long after Him.

Only God knows what changes He is instituting in your church and life right now, whether they are anticipated or catching you off guard. Whatever it my be, dear sister, remember that the issue is deeper than the carpet color and more eternal than a guitar vs. an organ. God is using the process of change to call us, and our churches, closer to Him.

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