Friday, August 29, 2014

Hand, Foot & Mouth SPIRITUAL Virus

Daddy has been out of town, so I have been helping our daughter with the grandbabies this week……they both have the Hand, Foot and Mouth Virus. (High fever, blisters in the throat, feet, hand and bottom.) It is pitiful to watch them suffer so. I have discovered that a cold Popsicle will numb their throats to the point that they can drink enough to keep from being dehydrated though.

Last night, I got to thinking……..what an odd name: Hand, Foot and Mouth Virus. Many times Christians, including myself, get the Hand, Foot and Mouth SPIRITUAL Virus sometimes. You know that kind…..where your mouth is engaged before your brain is and you stick your foot in your mouth….

As a pastor’s wife, I have learned to keep my thoughts to myself and hold it in. However…..enough is enough…..after a while, I totally get out of the spirit and develop the Hand, Foot and Mouth SPIRITUAL virus and it just COMES OUT. This especially happens when I am around negative people who get me down.

This virus has made both our grandbabies ill and in a bad mood. Spiritual HF& M also puts you in a bad mood.

Guess this post is just for me…………..

Surround yourselves with POSITIVE FOLKS and risk being contaminated with Hand, Foot and Mouth Spiritual Virus.

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