Thursday, May 12, 2016

"Cry.....I spank you and put you in corner."

My grandchildren are 3 years old and 2 years old. this young age, their personalities shine.  They are complete opposites.

We took them out on the boat fishing.  Cameron, our grandson was busy throwing his rod and reel into the water and reeling it in.  Kinley, our granddaughter was sitting in my lap playing.  She would pretend "spank" me just to get a reaction.  I would pretend to cry and she would laugh.

After a few minutes of this playing, she "spanked" me again and Cameron saw it.  He laid his rod and reel down and walked down the steps to me, where he rubbed my arm, kissed it and told Kinley, "Don't you hit Mimi again."

Then Kinley reached and "spanked" me again.  When I pretended to cry, she looked at me and said, "Cry and I spank you and put you in corner."

Different as daylight and dark. 
  • One is VERY compassionate
  • One has a "you made your bed so now lay in it" attitude.

 know that as a teacher and as a pastor's wife, I SHOULD be a Cameron and be compassionate and console people.  But, in all honesty, there are days that although I attempt to be a "Cameron" my heart is truly longing to be a Kinley and just tell them what I really think.

Do you ever want to just be a "Kinley"?  Am I the ONLY one?

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