Wednesday, May 11, 2016

GiveHIM Project

God has convicted Roger and I and two other couples and led us to begin the GiveHim Project.  I would like to share this with you so that you can be PRAYING.

Our prayers are that Project GiveHIM Tennessee will spread throughout this state to raise awareness that Christians must  realize the urgency of spreading the Gospel and begin reaching souls for Jesus Christ, or thousands of precious people will die and spend eternity in hell.
100% of all profits will go towards promoting this awareness and reaching the lost through community revivals, etc.
Tennessee is currently growing at a rate of 50,000 people per year. Tennessee also has approximately 3.5 million lost people in our state, people who have no affiliation with any Church in our great state.
 In order to reach the lost, we as Tennessee Baptists will need to reach over 50,000 persons per year just to keep up with our growth rate.

The goal of Project GiveHIM Tennessee is to raise awareness that we as Baptists in Tennessee have a monumental task before us in reaching lost souls for Jesus.

The GiveHim™ Project is a call to action for Christians to turn their homes, communities, cities, counties, and states over to Jesus. We have come to the conclusion that God calls our first mission field to be our homes, then grow out from there. Our goal is to bring revival to our lives and the world through community outreach. 
The first step in this project is GiveHim™ Tennessee. Our initial goals are to see 2,500 lives saved, 10 community revivals, and 20 churches revitalized all across the state of Tennessee. We will host our first community revival in Rockwood, TN on June 10-12. If you are interested in joining us in this endeavor, or hosting a revival in your community, please contact us so you can join the movement!
Whites Creek Baptist Church
P.O. Box 715
Rockwood, TN  37854
Pastor:  Bro. Roger Britton
(423) 322-0176

Tee Shirts may be ordered by going to the website.  ALL of the money goes to help make these revivals possible.


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