Tuesday, May 10, 2016

God Has a Sense of Humor

I have decided that God has a sense of humor!!

Standing up in front of a group of women and speaking is WAY out of my comfort zone!!  Two other times, God and I had a heart to heart talk about my comfort zone and I lost.

Well, this year at our Bi-Vocational Couples Retreat, I was asked to go to a church in middle Tennessee and lead a Ladies Conference.  WAAAAYYYYY out of MY Comfort Zone!!!!  Without going into great detail, I did talk with God about it, but did not argue because when I do, I am the one that comes out a loser.

My first time asked to step out of my comfort zone was to lead a session at our retreat a year ago.  A few months before the date, God and I had a heart to heart talk while I was picking beans in the garden.  I told him that I understood that he wanted me out of my comfort zone, but couldn't He have at least allowed me to speak a topic of my choice the first time???  Well....guess what?????

  1. Two days later, Bro. Ray Gilder called and asked me if I would lead a session for the ladies at the Pastor's Bible School.............the topic of my choice.  (August 2014)
  2. January 2015 - I lead a session at the Bi-Vo Retreat....the topic they gave me.... "How to Find Your Mate's Love Language".
  3. Mother's Day Weekend, I led a two day Ladies Conference for an association.  The conference theme was "A Mary Heart in a Martha World."
Now, I know that most of you women are very comfortable with public speaking engagements.  That is your calling.  IT IS NOT MY CALLING..........and I AM VERY UNCOMFORTABLE with it. 


With the theme of the Ladies Conference last weekend.....I said either God had a sense of humor or he chose me to be the speaker  because he wanted someone that was LIVING RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MARTHA WORLD.............  I'm there!   Most days I don't know whether I'm coming or going.

CONFESSION:  One thing I have noticed.....when God places me out of my comfort zone....I have to TOTALLY lean on and trust HIM.

Maybe that is why God likes to pull us out of our comfort zones every once in a while.  As long as we are doing our passions and doing what comes natural.........WE CAN.....and we become guilty of doing it alone....without relying on God as much as we should.

SOOOOO......WARNING......Be careful........

You never know when God will just jerk you right out of your comfort zone and sit back and watch how you handle it!

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