Monday, May 9, 2016


Mother's Day is a great day set aside for us to honor our Mothers.  It is a wonderful day and joyful day for most people.

However....we get so caught up in telling all of the mothers Happy Mother's Day.....that we forget to be sensitive to the ones that this is a holiday of hurt.

  • How about the folks who grew up with an absent that chose to leave and not be around?  They never knew what the love of a mother was like.
  • How about the young couples that are experiencing infertility?  This is just a reminder of their dreams that have been taken away from them.
  • How about the mothers who have had a child that they did not carry full term or a child that has for some reason gone on to be with the Lord?
  • How about the ones whose mothers have gone on to be with the Lord and they are missing them dearly?
It is wonderful to honor our Mother's on Mother's Day.....but we need to stop and be sensitive to others.

Loved this little saying that I read online about hurting women who have not been able to conceive:
     "He is good.  He  is near.  He is faithful.  He sees me.  I am His.  He's writing  story, I'm just in the middle."

God has a PLAN for your life....and it may not exactly be the plan you had yourself.

One of our daughter's good friends posted on Facebook yesterday about the fact that she had always felt a calling to be a mother.  After months passed and years passed, she could not help but get discouraged, hurt and broken.  BUT...then God placed in her path several couples that had adopted.  To make a long story short....they began the adoption process and adopted a new born straight from the hospital.  Their son is almost two and has been the blessing they had waited so long for.  Her calling was RIGHT; she was suppose to be a Mom.  Her plans were to conceive..........God's plan was to adopt.  

At our church, we give each mother a red rose on Mother's Day.

After they get their roses........then we give roses to ALL of the FEMALES in the church.  We honor the ones who have never had their own biological children......because they have been like a mother to many.  And we honor all of the females, regardless of age because one day they, too will either be a mother or be a "mother figure" to some lucky person.

I have always tried to be sensitive to the hurt at Mother's Day...............but especially ever since our daughter and son-in-law experienced over two years of infertility.   The hurt it real.  AND....without meaning to cause more hurt, well meaning folks will many times come up to those couples and ask, "so....when are you going to have children?"

We should NOT take the special day away from our Mothers........we need to continue to honor them on their special day............................... the process, we need to make sure we are sensitive to "others".

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