Friday, May 13, 2016

Someone's Watching YOU

Someone is watching YOU!

Dwight Moody once said that out of 100 men, only one will read the Bible.......the other 99 will read a person.

Sooooooo TRUE!!!

I can promise you that at least one person is WATCHING YOU.  Your job is to make sure the your life "COUNTS" and is not a hindrance in leading others to His kingdom. 

How can we do that?  By Spending Time with Jesus.  When we spend time with HIM, it draws us closer to Him and does not allow room for Satan to tear us apart.

How can we spend time with Him?  Daily Quiet Time.  Spending time in SCRIPTURES and in PRAYER.

  • Daily Devotions, whether a Book Study, or Chapter-to-Chapter Study or 365 Daily Devos.
  • Journals - written and pictures.
  • Memorizing Scriptures.
  • Worshiping Him in Music.
  • "War Room" Prayer Time.
However YOU choose to do it.......make it a Priority to SPEND TIME WITH JESUS!

Make Your Witness Count.........YOU are someone's ONLY Bible.

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