Monday, August 4, 2008

I Should Have Known!

I should have known “it” was coming!!

A few months ago I was taking the beautiful drive to the college where I have worked and taught for 14 years. The gorgeous trees, rolling hills, little traffic and kudzu all seemed to smile at me as I drove along praising my God….so full of gratitude and thankfulness and an overwhelming sense of “I love my life”!!! Everything is going so well!!

1. I love teaching at the college
2. God is at work in my ministry at church and opening doors for speaking
3. Our children are following and serving the Lord
4. My husband is picking up after himself and being so sweet!!
5. God is doing amazing things at church
6. And on and on…

Like I said, I should have known “it” was coming.

I remember saying the exact same thing living in San Antonio….”I love my life”! Great friends, church, neighborhood, etc. Then “it” came.

One other time I said, “I love my life” we were living in Lake Jackson, TX. Great job, friends, house, ministry, etc. and “it” came.

What is “it”?

The hand of God leading my husband and me away from what is comfortable, natural, somewhat easy (as easy as it can be in the ministry!!), safe, known, sort of secure and understood to a new place that He had prepared us for.

We have been in the ministry full time for 33 years…..and have only served 4 churches….moving is not something we are accustomed to or familiar with….but we KNOW we are being led.

Have you found God wanting to “move” you? It may or may not be a physical move but He may want to do a “new thing” in your life. He does not want us to become too comfortable or complacent….but to be ready to “move” on a moment’s notice to go where He is leading. For us…this is a HUGE move….to another state, in fact….for you, He may be asking you to go to your husband or child and ask him or her to forgive you for your critical spirit.

I do not want to be afraid to move…..but want to look ahead to all that God has planned and to trust HIM in all things.....I have nothing in myself to be able to battle fear or to trust Him....and must claim the promise that "...His grace is sufficient...!"

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