Friday, August 29, 2008

Rocky the Dog

When we first moved to Tennessee, we lived in a rental condo. Because there was a no pet policy, we were forced to leave our beloved dog, Rocky, with my in-laws. I believe I have told you in past blogs that leaving my grown sons and our dog was very difficult on me. However, our sons have flourished and our dog is badly spoiled.

I tell you this because I just got off the phone with my mother-in-law. She is very upset and in tears. She asked me to pray for Rocky today. Rocky is having minor surgery and will have to stay at the animal hospital for about five days. It really is not a big deal but it is sad.

You see, Rocky is a rescue dog. He was abused by his first owners and my youngest son found him at a rescue shelter. Rocky was so beaten down and was in need of a tender touch. Bryan begged to bring Rocky home. This dog is the most loyal, faithful dog there is and is much loved by everyone.

My in-laws tell us all the time that Rocky now belongs to them. We all laugh that if we want custody of Rocky we will have to go to court. To see this animal is to know that he is happy. In addition, the world of my in-laws revolve around God, their family, and Rocky. So when my mother-in-law requested prayer for Rocky, I did not hestiate.

I believe God cares for all his creation. He knows our hurts, our fears, and our worries. He even cares for Rocky the dog. It is in these difficult and uncertain times that our Father wants us to acknowledge Him so that He can grant us peace.

Maybe you are hurting or have a concern today. Tell the Father about it. Ask Him for His peace and then "Be still."

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