Thursday, August 14, 2008


I had one of those rare moments in minstry last week. Randy actually took a day off. No crisis at the church - no deaths - no hospital visits. Nothing. He announced this to me at about 8:00 Friday morning and asked what I would like to do. We had talked about riding bikes in Cades Cove, but they close the bike traffic at 9:00 and that would not give us enough time. Then he suggested going to Knoxville because he could go by Lifeway and the hospitals and... I quickly pointed out to him that if he did what he just planned it would not constitute a day off. So I suggested that we ride over to Murfreesboro to see our daughter and her family.

After checking with Beth to find out if they had any plans we decided to jump in the car and take off. On the spur of the moment, Randy called a friend of ours that works at a car dealership and asked if he had a convertible that we could use. He said that he did, so we went and picked up a
little white Mustang!

We had a blast. It truly was one of the best days of my life. Even though we had not planned an exotic vacation, hadn't spent hardly any money and didn't go half way around the world, it still was a PERFECT day. We drove down the Interstate just talking and laughing and catching up. Then we picked Beth, Derrick and our granddaughter Maddie and took off to a little town called Bell Buckle. The entire downtown section is probably no bigger than a few blocks, but they have cute little shops and a little cafe. We ate at the Bell Buckle Cafe where they have live music and country cooking. The kind you used to eat at Grandmama's. Our 15 month old granddaughter loved the music and we just sat and ate and chatted. Afterwards, we shopped a little and then drove back to our daughter's house and spent the night. We got up Saturday and helped them with a couple of projects and then drove the Mustang back home.

The weather was perfect both days. Not too hot - as a matter of fact, I had to turn the heater on for a little while a couple of times. We were not in a hurry and didn't have to get back for anything particular. It was soooo enjoyable.

I thank God that every now and then there is a lull in ministry. The Good Lord knows that we are usually going at it 90 to nothing. And then, quite unexpectedly, He gives us a great day. All too often though I don't seize the moment or the opportunity to get all I can out of it. But I praise Him and thank Him for the rest and refreshment and fun we had this past week.

Maybe we can borrow that car again soon....


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