Sunday, August 8, 2010

Meet My Friend Jeanne

There are times when I meet a woman and immediately I know I want to invite her to my next chocolate overdose. For me, this lady will be a Christian servant, humble, a little daring, a little scatterbrained, funny, and like me, feel that God has a great sense of humor because of how He puts things in our lives.

About three years ago I was introduced to Jeanne Davis, one of my fellow bloggers. At the time she and her husband, Randy, served at Sevierville First Baptist. During that short meeting I immediately knew I liked her. Through her blog times I discovered that she has a lot of qualities I like to have in my friends.

Like me, Jeanne has served alongside her husband for over 30 years and will admit she is still in the learning mode. One thing I love about her is that she has a heart for other ministers wives. At a recent meeting Jeanne stated, “If the wife is not happy, the husband’s ministry will not be as affective.” She understands that women married to ministers are in the trenches together experiencing the same struggles and joys.

Currently Jeanne is in a transition role. Her husband, Randy, is now the Executive Director for the Tennessee Baptist Convention. Not only is she assisting her husband in discovering how God is directing his new ministry at the state level, but Jeanne is seeking God’s guidance for her new role.

As I listened to my sweet friend share her heart the other day at our team meeting, I walked away feeling quite confident that Jeanne’s passion for ministers wives has expanded. I cannot wait to see how God is going to use this lady in the life of Tennessee Baptist.

So ladies, I want to encourage you to get to know the Davis’ especially Jeanne. You will find her to be a funny, sweet, zany, humble servant of God. If you get to come to the state convention in November, stop by the Ministers Wives Fellowship booth and meet Jeanne. You can tell her I sent you to get your Bible signed by her. Ask her if she is available to speak at your ladies event too. Oh, but before you inquire, make sure she is able to locate her Daytimer. There is a story behind the autograph and the Daytimer but I will let her tell you about them.

Oh and Jeanne, I love you my sweet girlfriend!

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Lana said...

Thanks Vickie for introducing us to Jeanne. I absolutely agree with your description of her. I,too, can't wait for our Tennessee Ministers Wives to get to know her, because to know her is to love her. We have exciting days ahead as we introduce her across our state.

Ministers wives, be on the look out for opportunities to meet Jeanne. We are currently planning some "Take a Break with Jeanne" sessions across the state. Watch for it coming to your area in the next few months.