Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On the Fourth Day of 2012...

WHEW…… The New Year has just started and I am exhausted. Sunday, after church we drove to Grand Rivers, KY ( 5 hours from our home) to see our son and bring a load of things back to Dayton.

He is getting married this Saturday and next week when he is on his honeymoon, it will be his last week in Kentucky. After the honeymoon, they will move near Nashville, where he will be working at Old Hickory Lake. Therefore, we still have not caught our breaths from the holidays and now we are trying to help him make sure that the things he NEEDS for the wedding and honeymoon are in Dayton and also the things he will need for the first few weeks of their marriage and work are separate from the things that will be put in storage until they get settled. Therefore he is getting work outfits ready, honeymoon things ready, wedding things ready and packing to move.

We are at the end of WEDDING COUNT DOWN:

My husband is marrying them in our church, so we have taken on more responsibility than normal, but it has been fun to be included.

I think our clothes are ready. Menu is made and items purchased. Center pieces made. Hot Chocolate Mix made for wedding. Groom’s cake ordered. Lots of Help lined up. Everything needed ordered or purchased. Now…I just need some CHOCOLATE. The bride’s mom said that Saturday after the wedding we are going to pig out on chocolate until we barf. (Not sure we will go THAT far, but who knows….)

I am a teacher, so I went back to school today and will work tomorrow, BUT…I took off work Friday and Monday.

I am sorry that this blog is so jumbled…maybe it is because I feel all jumbled about right now.

God Bless You for bearing with me. Ya'll are Awesome!

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Lana said...

Made me tired just reading it!