Monday, January 2, 2012

On the Second Day of New Years.....

Today, reflecting on this past year, I am reminded of what Gloria Gaither once said…”The amazing thing about Jesus is that He doesn’t just patch up our lives, He gives us a brand new sheet, a clean slate to start over, all new.” I am pretty sure that she was referring to salvation, but isn’t this true in our everyday life?

Thinking of 2011…if I had it to do over, some things I would have done differently and others I would do the same.

Beginning yesterday…2012, I got a clean sheet of paper and got to start over. The past is in the Past and today is a new day. All of those forgotten resolutions are no longer and I get to create new ones. Smile.

Seriously looking back to my last year’s resolutions......
*Eating Healthy
*Exercising More
*Not Sweating the Small Stuff
*Spend More Quality Time with God
*Keep in Touch with Family & Friends More
*Keep a Positive Attitude.

I can say that I did change my eating habits. I need to change them some more, but just by making wiser choices when eating, I was able to slowing whittle 30+ lbs. from my frame last year. I must confess that I got slack and for several months have only maintained and not lost. BUT…as soon as the wedding is over, I am back to hard core making better choices.

I really need to add exercise this year....I did not do very well with THAT last year. I have tried to keep a more positive attitude which has helped me to not sweat the small stuff as much, but I still need to work on it. I did manage to keep in better touch with folks and I can never spend enough quality time with God.

I think I will not add anything new this year, but continue to work on last year’s plan. Today is a new day, so who knows....

May you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I expect to hear GREAT things from you in 2012.

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