Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sassy Shoes Test

I hate test!  I despise true/false exams because you have a 50/50 chance of getting it right.  I find fill in the blank test slightly easier, however, my mind often goes blank when trying to remember the answers.  I absolutely loath math test.  Give me a break!  If I did not understand the problem in class when it was explained how can you expect me to pass the test?  When math exam day rolled around, I was thankful Peanut M & Ms were there to calm my nerves.

Test!  Do you realize that as a minister's wife we are tested daily?  We are examined on how we care for our family.  I once had a minister's wife who told me she was scolded because she shopped garage sales and Goodwill for their clothing.  This family of five served a small church and their salary was a poverty level.  We are also examined on how we conduct ourselves away from the church.  Are you always smiling and gracious in public?  I try but I fail a lot.  We are tested on how well we cook.  I fail this one for sure.  How many of you have seen ladies staring at you or discussing your taste in clothing or hair style?  I certainly have.  However, I think I passed the clothing/accessory test recently.  I wore a pair of sassy black and white heels to church and I received many compliments.  Score one for me!

We are also tested daily by our Father on how much we trust Him.  Many days I go it on my own.  I trust only my abilities and fail miserably.  On other days when I realize I am nothing on my own and give God control, I pass the test and learn a simple lesson.  One big test most ministers families face is following God's leadership as He moves you to another church or ministry.  If we do not follow God's leading, we may miss the blessing He has for us.  Although passing the sassy shoes test was awesome, getting an A on God's test is indescribable.

Remember how God tested Abraham in Genesis 22 when He asked him to sacrifice Issac?  Thankfully, Abraham passed the test and became the father of a mightly nation.  What would have happened if he had failed to obey God?  I shuttered to think of the consequences.

So girlfriends, are you passing your "sassy shoes" test? 

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Sara said...

I needed this today, thank you.