Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pain in the Midst of the Joy

Breath...Just Breath. The wedding is in two days!!!

We are excited and joyful for our son and future daughter-in-law.....but in the midst of the joy, we are in pain. Our daughter is having some medical issues with fertility and needs your urgent prayers. I know that with God NOTHING is impossible........just pray that we can all, especially our daughter and son-in-law can keep our FAITH and keep focusing on that and NOT GIVE UP.

We just covet your urgent prayers right now. They are hurting so therefore we hurt. Pray for the wedding (for NO RAIN) and Cody and Melanie's upcoming journey into marriage. This is an exciting time for them and we are so very happy for them.

Also pray for the pain Kacie and Chase are experiencing.

Pain in the Midst of the Joy......we NEED your PRAYERS!


trish said...

Praying for your whole family!!!

Lana said...

Praying for your kids and you.

Kathy Britton said...

Thanks Trish and Lana.