Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I just received an email from a precious friend and former church member back in Tennessee.  To know this lady is to know the true meaning of grace and trust on earth.  What I love about her most is her sense of humor.  Today her email simply stated that she was being sacrificial by eating more than her normal dose of chocolate.  She is doing it in honor of me.  My reply back was to say that I am on a diet-a chocolate diet.  Well, cocoa comes from a bean and magnesium and other vitamins are found in chocolate.  Makes perfect sense to me.

Seriously, my friend's comment about being sacrificial started my mind wondering.  We all know the ultimate sacrifice was the death of our Lord and Savior.  He did not have to die on the cross.  He could have called down the angels of heaven to rescue Him but instead He willingly went through severe torture and death just for us.

But as a minister's wife, what does the word sacrifice mean.  For each of us that word holds different meanings.  I believe one of the toughest is willingly following God's call on our lives.  My husband and I pour our lives in to our church family as if we will always be there.  However, God has chosen to move us about every five to six years.  For us that means leaving friends we love dearly and moving to a new ministry God has for us.  Some of those friends we will see occassionaly but many we will never see again until God unites us in His kingdom.

Over the years of ministry I have had to give up several jobs that I loved in order to follow God's will for our lives.  However, God has been faithful to put a new opportunity before me in our new location.  For example, one job I held was working with juniors and seniors at a high school.  I learned so much in the position and loved my kids.  However, when God moved us I was able to take the skills I learned from my job and apply them to our church's youth group. 

With our recent move I had to sacrifice a volunteer position I absolutely loved-working with ministers wives.  I know God has something for me here and He will direct me in His plan.  Currently, I am just trying to get to know my three staff wives who are precious ladies.  I desire for God to make the four of us a tight knit group.  Also, I pray He will open the door for me to meet other minister's wives in our association and state.  I want to meet some crazy, wild, chocolate-loving ministers wives who love to have fun as much as I do. 

Today I ask that you share your thoughts on this point:  As a minister's wife what does sacrifice mean to me?

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Cindy Langford said...

Dear Dana, I am so glad that you put this up because I am feeling lost as we left our church after 21 years and I was over children's church and I miss these young children and I have had to bridle my mouth to keep from helping this small church where we are at now. They have people in place and I have my parents that are pretty sick and my 88 year old aunt that need me - and my sister in law is going to have a C-section and hernia surgery. So we felt like God is using my husband and allowing us to rest or be available ( me ) to go and help other family members. My mom and dad are ok spiritually and watch Charles Stanley and read their lesson even though they are not able to go to church. My Aunt was baptised in her home in Dec. we are hoping my brother and his wife will decide that it is important and they have not been attending much since the twins were born and now another one - please pray that I will show love and not too much urgency about knowing God - that I do not run them off since they want me to help with the twins.