Friday, January 11, 2013

God is Good...ALL THE TIME

This coming Sunday will mark our 16th year of serving as pastor of Whites Creek Baptist Church.  What a journey this has been!!!

When we first went to the church, we walked into a hornet's nest.  Every pastor for years had been run off by one particular family; large family I might add.  There were 12 for Sunday School and 32 for preaching and the youngest deacon of 77 years old, praised God for the large attendance for the visiting minister.  Did I mention that we were 4 of those numbers?

Anyway, like lots of small country churches, our church had died.  The only members left were "the large family" and the faithful saints, but the church was not growing.  All of their programs had died and there were no children there.  The first Christmas we were there, all of the able bodies went to Knoxville to go out to eat.  We were the ONLY couple that did not get the senior citizenship discount.

Everything that was done at the church.......classes taught....activities, etc., Roger and I had to do them or at least organize them and lead them.  But, I am happy to report today that through lots of PRAYERS, Patience, PRAYERS, Perseverance, PRAYERS and MORE PRAYERS.....our church runs in the mid 50's for Sunday School and over 100 for preaching.  We have an assortment of ages....young and old.  This year for the Back-to-School Bash, the young couples class handled that and Roger and I only had to show up.  For the Fall Festival, the young couples class also handled that.......and it was WONDERFUL.  For sixteen VBS's I have been the Director.  This year, one of our ladies came and said God has called her to do that.  Praise the Lord.  God is Good.  ALL THE TIME.

Now, it has not been an easy journey.....we have seen lots of folks come and go.  We have had many funeral, many weddings, many baptisms, counseled many divorces, witnessed many Christians going astray...........but, on the other hand, we have watched children grow up to be leaders of the church.  We have watched our members grow closer together and closer to the Lord. 

God is Good....ALL THE TIME.

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