Thursday, January 10, 2013

God's Will

Are you doing what God wants you to do?  Have you found your passion in the church?

I know....everyone EXPECTS the pastor's wife to do EVERYTHING....that is impossible.  Even if we attempt to do "everything", we will fail.  God only wants us to do what he has called us to do. I wrestled for quite some time with the fact that pastor's wives were suppose to
  • play the piano
  • play the organ 
  • sing solos 
  • teach the Ladies Bible Classes, etc." 
  1. I ONLY peck the piano.
  2. I DO NOT play the organ
  3. I DO NOT SING...except to my grandson and to the little children at church."    
  4. I can teach the Ladies Bible Classes, but that is not where I feel God has placed me and  where I am more comfortable.
 My passion is "the Little Children."  I guess God prepared me for this early in our ministry when we worked with the Bus Ministry and Children's Church.  So many times I have seen the pre-schoolers thrown into a "play" room and baby-sat.  We MUST teach our children at an early age.
For several years, I have taught the younger children on Wednesday nights.  Our Sunday School teacher for this age quit back in March, so we had several ladies that "filled" in when we had pre-schoolers.  I mentioned Tuesday that we prayed for younger couples.........God began sending them and Roger came to me and wanted me to pray about taking the Sunday School class also.

Being the submissive wife that I am (jokingly) I pitched a fit and told him that I already taught a class on Wednesday and I already had a Sunday morning job working in the church office, copying the bulletin, etc. He told me that all he asked is that I pray about it.  After the initial outbreak.....I did PRAY and I did get convicted .  We had asked God for younger folks and with that comes pre-schoolers, etc.  To shorten my story, I took the class.

WHAT A BLESSING IT HAS BEEN.  Those children depend on me.  It has been so refreshing to watch them "grow".  It never fails to amaze me the things they say and their prospective of things.

I say all of this to let you is important to find YOUR PASSION in the church and what God's WILL is for you in the church....because when you are in God's Will......there is no end to your joys and blessings.  Just remember....everyone can not do the same job, so find yours....and DO IT.

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