Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Year of Changes

I know that this is the 8th day of January, but I am still reflecting over this past year.  Wow.  This has definitely been a year of changes for us.  It has also been a busy year.
  • January 7th - Our son, Cody and Melanie got married.
  • February - Our son-in-law found out he was being transferred from East Tn. to West Tn.
  • March - Our daughter, Kacie and son-in-law, Chase announced that they beat the odds and were expecting a baby in December.
  • May - Our daughter-in-law, Melanie, graduated from college.
  • July - Our son-in-law got transferred back to East Tn.
  • November 28 - Cameron Lee Hicks was born.
As you can see....there has been lots of changes in our personal lives....but that is not all.  There have been lots of changes in our church family also.  About a year ago, Roger and I both got very burdened because our church seemed to be at a stand-still...and we were not attracting very many younger couples.

We turned it all over to God and BINGO....God began to use what we had to bring them in.  Three or four years ago, our church joined the church softball league and several young friends of some of our members came and played softball with us.  Through the softball league, several of the younger folks got to know our members better and began visiting our church.  To shorten the story, God sent us three couples under the age of thirty and they are all on fire for God and want to work.  Our Couples Class/Youth Class has grown by leaps and bounds.  (We had no one working with the couple of youth we had, so the "Couples" decided to "sponsor" the youth and let them join until they reach the point that they can venture out on their own.
We have little kids "EVERYWHERE" at church and all ages. 

PRAISE THE LORD.  We are currently in the process of planning for a Family Life Center.  God is Good All the Time.

What amazing things has God done for you or your church this year?  I would love to hear from you.

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