Monday, April 14, 2008

'God's Plan Is Best

Hello Dear Sisters!

It is an honor for me to spend some time sharing with you. You are a very special group of ladies that God has picked up and planted in the service of His Kingdom.

Some of you are probably in over your head with duties and some of you are in the background praying for your husband and taking care of your children. Of course, there are those whom are doing both! Whatever you are doing for the Kingdom's sake is important.

I am a widow of a pastor. My husband and I served the Lord together for 29 years. I was one of those pastor wives that absolutely loved it! Needless to say. when God chose to take my ssweet husband to His arms, I was left totally bewildered , lonely and hurt. I did not know who I was, where I was supposed to live or what I was supposed to do. The good news is that God always has the perfet plan!

I hope we will discover that truth together. God's plan is best! I am sure you know it and probably have said it, but... do you really believe it?

My sons and I have been learning to believe God's plan is best over the past few years. We have seen Doug's ministry expanded in ways we could not have imagined. God's new plan for our lives has been difficult and blessed, joyful and tearful, busy and sometimes a complete stop. Can you relate? I am sure each of you could share some of the same experiences.

I hope that our time together will be spent sharing some of things learned in ministry. I want to share with you mistakes that I hope you won't make. I want to share victories that I hope you will experience. My heart's desire is that God has a Word for you every time we meet. I do not want to waste a minute of your time or His, so I commit to you that I will go before Him on your behalf before we meet here in this "blog".

Being a minister's wife can be one of great joy and great trials. I am so blessed to continue serving God and see a glimpse of His plan for myself and my sons. I will share some of these things as we get to know each other.

Let me pray for you, now.

Father, You have exactly those you want to read this here today. These ladies that serve you need much of Your grace and mercy. I ask that You touch their hearts and lead us as we see You first, above all else.

We truly want Your plan and the faith to believe...Your Plan Is Best!!

We love you, Jesus


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Pat said...

I too, absolutely love being the Pastor's wife. However, at this moment it is really hard to know what God has in store for us. I'm not very good at "waiting." Thanks for reminding me that His plan is always best!
I look forward to hearing what God has to say to us, through you, this week.
Love you sister,