Thursday, April 24, 2008

Working 9 to 5?

Dolly Parton and I have little in common....I cannot sing....nor am I "built" like her....but I do have a Dolly Parton-looking wig that was my inheritance from my grandmother. Yes! She was 5'2", bald, and always wore a HUGE blonde wig!

Remember the Dolly Parton song and/or movie "9 to 5"? Have you ever wished your husband had a "9 to 5" job? That he would be home during "normal" hours like everyone else? Do you ever resent the time he spends away from you and your family?

When our children were born, my husband was in youth ministry--and gone a lot. I remember long days and difficult evenings with babies crying and not having enough hands. God led him to pastor when they were preschoolers....and he continued to be gone long hours. Even now that we are empty nesters, I still miss him being gone so much.

Over the years I have heard many moms/wives complain about the amount of time their husbands are gone....and how it became a "thorn in their flesh" and in their marriage. How do we cope? How do we handle the many pulls on our husbands?

For has been another important free my husband up to do what God has asked him to do. I might not be able to be in all the places he can be or do all the things he does, but I can give him the freedom to minister, study, and serve....and then, when he does come home, not heap guilt upon him. And, believe me, I have heaped my share of guilt over the years....even tried to pack some bags and send him on the grandest guilt trips ever!!

What if it becomes excessive though? What if your husband really is gone too much. What if your family is being neglected and suffering from his absence? Sit down with him....knee cap to knee cap....and share your heart with him.

You know, even Jesus, who had a HUGE to-do list was able to lift His eyes to heaven at the end of His life and say in John 17:4, "I have glorified You on earth, having accomplished everything You have given me to do." (Emphasis mine)

Jesus did not accomplish everything His mother wanted Him to do....or the disciples....or the multitudes....he accomplished everything GOD wanted Him to do!! We must pray and encourage our husbands to only do what God asks him to do....and then he will be able to accomplish everything--including spending time with his family.

May we make our homes a place where he can come home and rest and be loved and encouraged.

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